Additional Services

Overdraft Protection

You can link your share draft account to your checking account, which would automatically withdraw the funds needed to cover an overdrawn item, to save you the cost and embarrassment of a returned check. Additionally, we have an overdraft line of credit available, for more information, please view our Loan Products.

Payroll Protection/Direct Deposit

Save time and earn a little additional interest with the convenience of direct deposit to your checking, savings, Vacation Club or Holiday Club. You may arrange for direct deposit of your paycheck, pension, Social Security payments, and VA payments.

Social Security

To arrange direct deposit of your Social Security and/or Social Security Supplemental Income payments, call us at 508-528-3360.

Pensions and VA Payments

To arrange direct deposit of your VA or pension checks, call your employer’s human resources department.

and of course…

Free Public Notary Service For Members*!

*We offer Public Notary Service to non-members for a nominal fee

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