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In the beginning of September, like many other financial institutions, Norfolk Credit Union received information regarding an illegal data intrusion and card compromise that took place at The Home Depot. Sources say over 56 million debit and credit cards may be at risk. Norfolk Credit Union has to absorb the costs of protecting our cardholders.

The financial industry believes retailers should be held accountable and make payment for these costs. They should lose money since they lost customer data. They are costing credit unions money because of their bad business practices and not protecting their systems. We are being impacted for nothing we did…our systems were not breached and we shouldn’t have to pay to absorb the costs of protecting our cardholders.

NCFCU is working closely with MasterCard to find out which of our members’ accounts may have been compromised. If necessary, NCFCU will notify members if their account has been compromised and if their card needs to be blocked and reissued or if any other action needs to take place with regards to their account.

Please know that NCFCU has fraud protection strategies and mitigation tools in place that are designed to protect our members and the credit union.

As always members should carefully examine activity on their accounts (online and by reviewing monthly statements) and contact us immediately at
508-528-3360, if there is any unauthorized activity.

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